MC Star Karaoke Contest

Contest: Friday, August 9th 2023, Noon -3pm

Qualify at these locations:

Held’s Bar @ 9pm:

Karaoke Contests at Koni K’s in Elcho, WI.


The Depot Pub in Merrilan, WI


MC Star Karaoke Contest Rules:

August 12, 2022

Rules For Finals:

1. Contestants must be at least 18 years (must be accompanied by an adult)

2. Must sing a country song at the finals at MC Fest.

3. Contestants are encouraged to bring their own CD to ensure that you have

the correct version of your song. Please have your name on the CD and

pick it up at the end of the contest, not when you finish your song.

4. Contestants are not required to dress in costume for their song but it is


5. Contestants will have the opportunity to sing one warm-up song prior to

the start of the contest, in rotation.

6. Registration will be at 10:00 am & the contest will begin at 12:00 pm.

7. Numbers will be drawn prior to the start of the contest. Please listen to

what number you will be placed at and be prepared to sing at that time.

8. No contestant will be allowed to change the order they are assigned.

9. Relatives of Karaoke Contest DJ’s, Announcers or Bar Owners are not

allowed to participate in this contest. Also the winner of this year’s contest

will not be allowed to compete in the next year’s contest.

Judging will be based on:

*Stage Presence * Audience Interaction * Appearance * Vocal Ability

*Vocal Selection * Knowledge of Song * Audience Reaction

*Attitude * Overall Performance

Winners of the MC Star Karaoke Contest will win:
Each qualifier will win a weekend pass to MC Fest for this year

1st Place: $300 and (2) Weekend Passes for MC Fest for next year & sing the

opening song for next year’s Karaoke Contest.

2nd Place: $200 and (1) weekend pass to MC Fest next year.

3rd Place: (2) 1-day passes to MC Country Fest next year.

2021 Karaoke Winners

(3rd place Pam Jorgensen, 1st place winner Conner Shepherd, 2nd “Opie” Tyloch)

Karaoke Winners 2021

2020 Karaoke Winner

MC Star Winner Whitney Honvciaz
(2nd. Caleb Fritzmaurice 3rd. Desiraye Ehlert)

2019 Karaoke Winner Whitney Honvciaz

2020 Karaoke Contestants

2020 Karaoke Contestants

2018 Karaoke Winner

MC Star Winner Stephanie Schmitt from Crandon, WI

Photo of MCfests 2018 Karaoke Content Winner Stephanie Schmidt

2018 Karaoke Contestants

Photo of MCfests 2018 Karaoke Contestants

2018 Karaoke Judges

Photo of 2018 Karaoke Judges

2017 Karaoke Winners

Ron, Jason, & Liz

Photo of MCfests 2017 Karaoke Content Winners

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