MC Fest Chair Line Info

Please Read Below For This Years Chair Placement Rules for MC Fest

There is no chair line, however there is “chair placement“.

MC Fest 2024 Chair Line Info:

Last year chair placement went well so we are doing it again this year! …. “There is no chair line, however there is chair placement” Place your chairs out at noon on both Friday, August 9th & Saturday, August 10th Remove your chairs after the last show each night.! Chairs not removed will be placed to the side. Only sponsors and handi-cap chairs will remain placed. Must have a handi-cap permit to be in the handi cap area. Only one person is allowed with each handi-cap person.

Absolutely no moving of chairs will be tolerated! Security will be watching! No volunteers, friends, or family members of MC Fest will be allowed to place their chairs up front before the chair placement at noon on both days! No exceptions!!

Please follow the mowed grass as a guideline

coolers must fit under your chairs!
no chairs placed in the isles!
no campfires
no glass
no fireworks
no chairs with umbrellas
no umbrellas, oversized chairs, party decks, or anything else allowed that will block the view of others behind you! Please be respectful of others!

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